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*        FINANCIAL AND INVESTMENT:            The vast knowledge of and the precious contacts in the “Financial World” that we have cultivated, shall be placed at the disposal of our clients. The Financial Market more often reacts favorably by virtue of skillful public relation. PFCC’s prime role will be to explore most viable and suitable Financial Resources and introduce the client. In other words initially PFCC will be performing the function of a suitable “Match Maker” between the Money Managers and Investors, Borrowers and Lenders, Buyers and Suppliers.

            The Consistent Failures of many projects, Financed by the Banks and Development Financial Institutions (DFIs) has shaken their confidence in the profitability of Project and Long Term Financing in Pakistan . As a result of this Banks and DFIs appear to have become reluctant or overcautious in lending money, considering it as a Very High Risk operations. PFCC believes that such attitude will prove disparaging for the Industrial Growth in the country and regeneration of Economic Activity, which is vital to the economic stability of the country.  However, with our expertise we are capable of selecting quality Projects and genuinely interested SPONSORS on the basis of our local and International Contacts and presenting their profiles to the Banks and Financial Institutions who can appraise their antecedents, technically and Financially for the purpose of Project Financing. PFCC believes that a positive posture and objective approach by the Banks and DFIs in advancing Long Terms Loans for viable Projects will not only enhance their investment earnings but will also help in creating more job opportunities, increasing G.D.P and G.N.P and cutting down Imports and increase the exports.

sugar factory
Financing for Sugar Plant
Cement Factory
Financing for Cement Plant


*        FUNDRAISING, CONVENTIONS AND SPECIAL EVENTS:    If engaged, PFCC will identify the potential donors and solicit contributions for various causes. PFCC offers expertise in fundraising for membership organizations, charities and endowment programs. PFCC can plan and arranges meetings for its clients in a manner that ensures it purposefulness. PFCC can handle every logistical detail, from site selection to registration; Stage the exhibit hall design and construction; sound and lighting; films and videos; Media Relations; speeches and the writing, design and production of all Convention materials. 

*        STRATEGIC PLANNING: We anticipate problems and help our clients assess options and create solutions. Whether creating Project Development/Project Financing or an Investment Plan or an economic messages/themes; pinpoint target audiences; select proper techniques; implement the plan in a timely manner; and, monitor/measure the results. Thus a two-way traffic flow, on the Development Highway starts with no Red Signal.

*        PROGRAM  DEVELOPMENT:     Knowing who you are what business you are in is essential to marketing yourself with confidence or developing a program that works. Self-knowing is the precondition to leading with your strengths. We do market research, data collection and analysis. We audit the data and inventory the assets. We identify the most profitable opportunities or most challenging issues. We do Situation Analyses and Communication Audits as well as create business strategies and practical economic development and trade programs.

*        STRATEGIC TRADE AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT:     A modern economy is not an accident. It is the result of creative thinking and hard work. To build a modern economy a country must follow some basic rules:

*        Use available natural resources wisely and create alternatives
             as necessary.

*        Encourage entrepreneurship and develop industry.

*        Improve the agricultural process and develop high-value crops.

*        Increase investment in education, health care and housing.

*        Establish energy and clean water processing plants.

*        Construct state-of-the-art infrastructure for communications and transportation systems, universities and conference centers.

*        Augment and expand the tourism industry.

*        Open borders and encourage joint venture partnerships and

*        Decrease the war chest and defense expenditure.

We have the skills and experience to assist our clients, whether they are Governments or Companies, to effectively implement their trade development programs including, but not limited to, the following activities:


*        Providing promotional services to support trade development

*        Diffusing negative issues that affect trade expansion.

*        Conveying economic and political background behind export and import policies.

*        Establishing Professional Trade Representation for long tern business strategies.

Providing export services including pricing and selling, arranging methods of; Payment and Financing, transportation and insurance, documentation and licensing, legal services, and special trade services as required.

*        PUBLIC RELATIONS:        The purpose of public relations is to increase awareness, understanding, acceptance, and trust of our clients among their various public– customers, owner, employees, government, the general public, constituencies and adversaries. We believe that five principles should guide any public relations program– honesty, usefulness, credibility, timeliness and coherence. Our efforts consist of developing/utilizing solid contacts in government, academia, business and industry, and within key private sector groups in order to enhance our client’s reputation, identify new business opportunities and increase communication and understanding.



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