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Pearl Financial Consultancy And Commercial Services (Pvt.) Ltd. Is Committed To Serve Sole Proprietary concern, Firms, Companies, Organization, Corporations (Private/Public Sector), Local Bodies, Governments of any Country OR State, For International Financing, Project Development, Insurance Consultancy, Agency Management, Funds Placement Services, Insurance Needs Planning, Programs for Economic/Trade development, Communication and Media Buying, Public Relations and in all other Finance and Commerce related fields.

 The Company is a Karachi based corporation with Associates in Washington D.C., New York, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur and Dubai. Our challenge is to meet the needs of our clients in the most cost effective manner possible, add value to their situation, and help them create solutions to their unique problems.

      PFCC’s Mission and Modus Operandi is based on our Motto:



 *              To advise clients in augmenting efficacy of their operations, productivity and
                    Profitability without losing competitive edge.

*              To forge mutually beneficial business relationship between Borrowers and
                  Lenders, Banks and their Clients, Buyers and Sellers, Contractor/Agents 
                  and Principals, Development Financial Institution and Project Sponsors.

*              To Anticipate and Perceive client problems, workout solutions and
                   oversee their implementation.

*              To “Connect and Energize” businesses, government(s) and the independent
                  sectors and encourage them to cooperate for their mutual and long term benefit.

*              To bring about harmony, better understanding of differing perceptions.


   While providing services to our clients we will strictly adhere to the following cardinal principles.

*              Protecting and enhancing the client’s interest.

*              Building a common interest Bridge between the client and the Financial 

*             Broadening the base of Commercial interest and support for the Client Locally,
                  and Internationally.

*              Identifying new opportunities and suggesting ways and means of increasing
                  market share.

*              Supporting the concept of free trade.

*              Assisting in preserving free enterprise system and strengthen its underlying
                  traditions and values.

*              Ensuring active involvement in public policy issues and in economic, social and
                 environmental activities.





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