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We the promoters of Pearl Financial Consultancy and Commercial Services (PFCC) ventured into this business, relying on our ability to deliver the goods and trusting on the never failing and unlimited beneficence of Almighty Allah, the most Benevolent and Merciful.

On the eve of launching of our company we bow in all humility before Allah The Omnipotent and the Omniscient and pray to enlighten our minds, deepen our vision, impregnate our intellect with knowledge, infuse our hearts with nostalgic sense of community service and mortify our craving for acting in or advancing self interest only. We further implore Him to grant us fortitude, perseverance and profound professional insight and expertise coupled with provision of immense resource to enable us to render efficient, honest and diligent services to our clients and assisting them establishing their Businesses, Trading Houses, Industries and other Commercial Enterprises in the most efficient, competitive and cost effective manner, consequently resulting in the timely achievement of their goals and targets.



We at PFCC earnestly and sincerely declare that our prime objective is to play a significant role in reviving the Disparaged and Sunken Economy of the country, in alleviating the malady of unemployment, by creating more job opportunities, by generating more productive, economic and commercial activities. we are determined to open at least twenty (20) service centers of our company throughout Pakistan and thereby create at least 1000 jobs.

Our Mission is based on our Modus Operandi :





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